Adobe Kickbox – innovating ideation

3042128-slide-s-1-adobes-kickbox-the-kit-to-launch-your-adobe-kickboxAdobe just launched their new internal ideation tool Kickbox. Lot´s of companies are finding innovative ways to drive ideation internally and Adobe have found a very interesting approach giving away a physical kit with standard work shop equipment (pens, notebook, post-it, etc.) but more importantly they hand out a credit card prepaid with 1000 USD!

(Adobe) It’s designed to increase innovator effectiveness, accelerate innovation velocity, and measurably improve innovation outcomes. It can also optimize innovation investments by reducing costs compared to traditional approaches.

If a lot of ideas do not come out of this initiative, it will at least show that Adobe wants to listen to their employees in their search for the next big thing.

(FastCompany) The philosophy behind Kickbox is simple: The most creative people lurking inside Adobe might not want to deal with the bureaucracy of pitching what could become the company’s next hit product. So Kickbox is built to be an all-in-one package to enabling anyone to prototype, test, and iterate her concept with as little corporate overhead as possible. To date, 1,000 employees at Adobe have cracked open a Kickbox. And 23 have seen their ideas graduate to receiving more investment from senior management.

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